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Other Lifts FAQ

If you have just received a NEW lift OR your Motorcycle lift has not been used for a period of time...the cylinder seal may be stuck and needs a little "lubricated jump start". If there does not appear to be an air leak from either your air hose or the lift cylinder...and if you have supplied the lift with about 100 PSI...and you have NOT overloaded the lift...then have two people lift slightly on the platform. The "extra" help may free a stuck seal. Remember to keep the cylinder seal properly lubricated. (See owner's manual). When the seal becomes dry (and brittle), it can become stuck in the cylinder. A lubricated seal (that does not leak) will ensure the proper lifting for your motorcycle lift.

If you notice an air leak from the cylinder; then you need a new seal kit.

KEEP THE SEAL LUBRICATED! For best results, use Air Tool Oil.

Most of our mid-rise lifts and lo-rise lifts are operated by a 110V power unit motor and operate on normal household current.