OTC Professional Master Fuel Injection Kit

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Features and Benefits:

  • Accommodates virtually every vehicle and minimizes time consuming work arounds
  • Gives technicians a single point of information to use product and interpret data for specific vehicles from 1997 to 2008 model year
  • Unique BMC design Storage - Allows technician to store in case as delivered or store in their own tool storage system
  • Schrader Valve designed adapters- increase safety - Prevents fuel from leaking/spraying; endures contact with chemicals without swelling or cracking
  • Viton Seals Durability/Reliability Seals endure contact with alcohol blended fuels and chemicals without swelling or cracking
  • Fuel System Service Kit consisting of Fuel Pressure Gauge, Adapters and accessories to perform Fuel Pressure Testing, Fuel Injector Cleaning and Intake Sytem Cleaning. The Application Guide (included) gives a technician the procedure and data to follow and interpret, including access, disabling, adapter and pressure.This is a full coverage kit. We've found no other competitor willing to make this claim. To make sure you, or your shop, can provide service to as many unique vehicle fuel systems as possible without designing work arounds or having to locate and special order a specific adapter. The application guide with service instructions and 1997- 2008 Make/Model/Year/Vin application data referencing the fuel pump disable-Points, OE fuel pressure specs, adapter, and std labor rate information gives the convenience of having required service information at your fingertips.

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