OTC Tools (OTC3834UPD)

TPR One Year Update Subscription APPLIES TO: 3834, 3834EZ, 3835 KITS
Mfg: OTC Tools
Part No: 3834UPD
Item Number: OTC3834UPD
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $227.99
Price: $124.97
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    The 3834UPD Subscription Update kit provides the user access to all Tire Pressure Reset (TPR) tool updates for one year from registration date. TPR updates include both added vehicle coverage and tool functionality improvements. Users should visit www.tpmsupdates.com and enter the provided one year subscription code to get access to the tool updates. NOTE: Users must register an account on the site to gain access to the updates.
    The kit includes a certificate with an authorization code. The access
    code is entered when prompted on the www.tpmsupdates.com website.
    The kit will provides a full 12 months of vehicle coverage and tool functionality
    updates. The updates will allow the user to diagnose TPMS issues more accurately on vehicles that were not previously covered.