OTC Tools (OTC3825JR12)

Limited Edition Pegisys Scan Tool - Factory Refurbished
Mfg: OTC Tools
Part No: 3825JR12
Item Number: OTC3825JR12
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $4,839.99
Price: $2,843.93
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Features and Benefits:

  • 12 month Domestic/Asian and European Vehicle Subscription
  • J2534 Reprogramming (Requires vehicle calibrations to be purchased from the OEM)
  • Includes Direct-Hit Technician™ 90 day Test Drive subscription (3825-45 kit)
  • 1 year warranty

Also Includes: Diagnostic Information, Scan Diagnostic Information (Pathfinder), Scope Diagnostic Information (InfoTech), Repair-Trac® Experienced-Based Information, OBD II Cable, USA Domestic OEM OBD I Cables, USA Asian OEM OBD I Cables, USB Cable, Scope Accessory Kit.

• Colors will vary: red, black and blue. No choice in color available.