OTC Tools (OTC3167)

SABRE HP Battery and Electrical System Diagnostic Tester Kit
SABRE HP Battery and Electrical System Diagnostic Tester
Mfg: OTC Tools
Part No: 3167
Item Number: OTC3167
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MSRP: $886.31
Price: $455.08
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Features and Benefits:

  • Digital circuitry precisely controls battery test loads to accurately determine battery conditions
  • Tests both flooded lead acid and absorbed glass mat batteries accurately - down to 1 volt state of charge
  • Tests vehicle starting and charging systems with minimal user interaction
  • Tests all 6 and 12 volt batteries with a 50-2000 CCA operating range
  • Scales: CCA, CA, AHR, MCA, JIS, DIN
Sabre HP is designed to let you quickly diagnose bad batteries in a discharged state without needing to charge them first. By utilizing a patented SPX micro-load testing method, this tester ensures accurate test results without any interpretation on vehicle battery, starting, and charging systems. Ships with 3' leads. Other features include: 4 x 20 back lit display, over-molded enclosure with soft-touch keys, Flash upgradeable memory in field, Removable/auto-sensing leads (3’ leads included in kits, optional 10’ leads available), Built-in infrared printer interface for remote printing (printer sold separately). User definable print header and footer, Date/time stamp. Optional amp clamps for current drain tests and starting/charging measurements (The only hand-held battery tester with this feature) are available.  Includes SABRE HP, 3’ test leads, side-post terminal adapters, instruction manual, and molded-plastic carrying case.