OTC Tools (OTC1676)

Strong Box Puller Set
Mfg: OTC Tools
Part No: 1676
Item Number: OTC1676
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MSRP: $1,735.66
Price: $1,001.99
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    Strong Box Puller SetHere’s a set of pullers that gives you almost unheard of versatility. Youget eight pullers, five attachments, and extra puller jaws. They enable you topull gears, bearings, pulleys, wheels, and more on cars and light trucks.All these tools are contained in a rugged, lockable metal storage cabinetyou can either mount on a wall or stand on a work bench, so they arehandy when you need them. Just imagine the jobs you can do with this set!No. 1676 – Strong box puller set.

    Set includes:1026 – 2/3-jaw puller1037 – 2/3-jaw puller7393 – Gear and pulley puller518 – Flange-type puller7403 – Steering wheel puller1170 – Pilot bearing puller1177 – Slide hammer puller7311A – Pitman arm puller1122 – Bearing splitter1123 – Bearing splitter7372 – Rear axle pulling adapter43888 – Long jaws for No. 1026 (3)43892 – Long jaws for No. 1037 (3)18886 – Metal storage box