OTC Tools (OTC1183)

Bearing Splitter Combo Pack
Bearing Splitter Combo Set
Mfg: OTC Tools
Part No: 1183
Item Number: OTC1183
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $570.71
Price: $286.93
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Features and Benefits:

This combo pack contains four of OTC's most popular bearing splitters, plus a pulley pulling attachment. A rugged organizer case is included, enabling you to keep the tools together for instant use.

  • An affordable center post gravity HVLP spray gun.
  • Includes:
    • Bearing Splitter: 15/16" Max. Spread; 1/4" Min. Spread
    • Bearing Splitter: 2" Max. Spread; 1/8" Min. Spread
    • Bearing Splitter: 4-5/8" Max. Spread; 1/2" Min. Spread
    • Bearing Splitter: 9" Max. Spread; 1/2" Min. Spread
    • Pulley Pulling Attachment: 5-7/8" Max. Spread; 1-3/4" Min. Spread