OTC Tools (OTC1181)

Multipurpose Puller Set
Mfg: OTC Tools
Part No: 1181
Item Number: OTC1181
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MSRP: $676.25
Price: $385.29
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    Multipurpose Puller SetThis assortment of puller tools gives you a wide range of job versatility.You get a 5 lb. slide hammer puller, hub puller, two sizes of OTC Grip-O-Matic®jaw-type pullers, a bearing pulling attachment, plus a cross-bargear and pulley puller, all contained in a handy plastic storage case.No. 1181 – Multi-purpose puller set.

    Set No. 1181 consists of:1177 Slide hammer puller with a 5 lb. hammer, 2-way and 3-way heads. Reversible: either two or three jaws may be used to handle both "inside" and "outside" pulling jobs.7208A Front hub puller for servicing front-wheel-drive cars. Includes a spare locknut,which permits use with a No. 1177 slide hammer for rear axle flanges.1023 2-ton combination 2- or 3-jaw Grip-O-Matic puller. Has 3-3/8" max. reach,4-3/4" max. spread.1027 5-ton combination 2- or 3-jaw Grip-O-Matic puller. Has 5-1/2" max. reach, 7" max. spread.7393 Bar-type gear and pulley puller with a 5-1/2" long screw. Includes two hex headcap screws, 3 /8"–16 x 3" long. Spread