Norton (NOR83815)

Gold Reserve 6" Disc Roll, P80B Grit, One Package of 100
Mfg: Norton
Part No: 83815
Item Number: NOR83815
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $59.09
Price: $37.23
    Gold Reserve is ideal for feather-edging, stripping old paint and dry sanding filler and putty. Sharp, hard premium aluminum oxide abrasive on a super durable B-weight latex/paper backing is perfect for aggressive sanding and long life. No-Fil water-based stearate and engineered coating techniques prevent clogging and loading. P graded premium A/O grain Produces a quick, cool cut Produces a more consistent scratch pattern Strong B-weight latex/paper backing Resists tearing Conformable and flexible Water-based, non-loading sterate Resists loading Increases productivity