Norton (NOR26511)

Blu-Mag "Clip-On" Body File Sheets 2-3/4"x17-1/2" 180E, 50Pk
Mfg: Norton
Part No: 26511
Item Number: NOR26511
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MSRP: $39.50
Price: $35.93
  • Norton Clip-On Blue Body File Sheets are on a tough E weight paper/latex backing which resists tearing with high performance self-sharpening zirconia grain that cuts fast, lasts long and resists loading.
  • Ideal for sanding body filler.
  • High strength blue latex paper backing - Improves performance and flexibility, Reduces curling and edge chipping
  • Latest NorZon grain design - Self-sharpening, Improves cut rate, Extends product life
  • Proven coating technique - Improves cut rate, More consistent, uniform scratch pattern
  • Superior bond system - Optimizes grain adhesion, Extends product life