Norton (NOR23622)

Blue Magnum 2.75inx17.5in Clip-On Sheets - 36E Grit 50 Pk.
Blue Magnum Body File Sanding Sheet Clip On (36) Grit
Mfg: Norton
Part No: 23622
Item Number: NOR23622
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MSRP: $110.58
Price: $58.29

Features and Benefits:

Blue Magnum with super strong phenolic resin as a bonding agent is simply the best! Couple this with flexible latex backing in an indestructible E-weight and the end result is one of the toughest, longest lasting, high performance coarse grit sandpapers ever made.

  • High strength blue latex paper backing improves performance and flexibility and reduces curling and edge chipping
  • Latest NorZon grain design improves cut rate, extends product life and is self-sharpening
  • New coating technique gives more consistent and uniform scratch pattern
  • Re-designed bond system optimizes grain adhesion and extends product life
  • Ideal for sanding body filler