Norton Abrasives

Norton Abrasives 5-1/2" X 9" BLACK ICE 50 SHEETS/BOX

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Features and Benefits:

  • Premium abrasive grain
  • Fast initial cut, long life
  • Grain selection engineered for automotive applications
  • Improved flexible backing
  • Resists cracking and tearing
  • For the ultimate finish, premium grain on a superior paper backing allows for improved cut rate and a uniform finish. Both the bond and the backing are extremely flexible for easy folding and tearing, wet or dry. Engineered specifically for the automotive aftermarket, Black Ice delivers unsurpassed results in waterproof and color sanding.Premium abrasive grainFast initial cut, long lifeGrain selection engineered for automotive applicationsImproved flexible backingResists cracking and tearingResists wrinklesFEPA and JIS gradingConsistent finish - no wild scratchesBuffs out faster.

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