Mountain (MTNWEGR2H)

2-Gauge CGA580 Welding Gas Regulator and 10' Hose
Mfg: Mountain
Part No: WEGR-2H
Item Number: MTNWEGR2H
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $158.19
Price: $81.99
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Features and Benefits:

  • Shield gas regulator with flow and cylinder gauges CGA580 x 10' hose with 5/8"-18RH fittings
  • Solid brass body with VGA580 cylinder tank input and 10' hose 5/8"-18RH B-nipple fittings
  • Vertical site - tube with 10-50 CFH and 5-25 L/Min Argon indication
  • 1.5" tank volume gauge with 0-3000 PSI and 0-250 Bar indication
  • Package includes 1/4" (6mm) reinforced gas hose with B-nipple brass fittings

Perfect flow and volume gauge for 100% Argon (Aluminum) MIG or TIG welding applications.