Mountain (MTN1850)

Air Operated Spark Plug Cleaning Tool
Mfg: Mountain
Part No: 1850
Item Number: MTN1850
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $36.67
Price: $12.59

Features and Benefits:

  • Internally controlled abrasive blasting
  • Uses ordinary air line pressure
  • Compressed air flows through special venturi mixing with abrasive to thoroughly clean spark plugs like new
  • Lever valve allows for blasting with abrasive/air mix or pure air only
  • Abrasive material is included and is silica free

This unit is designed to clean any size or type spark plugs quickly and efficiently with internally controlled abrasive blasting. The recommended air line pressure is 70-80 PSI, maximum 90 PSI. The unit comes ready to use and includes (1)- 1/4 pound bag of abrasive silica free as an added value.