MotorVac (MTT5000220)

Carbon Clean 1000 Fuel System Cleaning and Decarbonizing Service
Mfg: MotorVac
Part No: 500-0220
Item Number: MTT5000220
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $2,024.00
Price: $1,227.93
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Features and Benefits:

  • Professional system that connects to the vehicle fuel rail
  • Easy to use application guide available online
  • Adapters included allow for easy hook-up to most vehicles from 1987 to present
  • Diagnostic capabilities, including leak-down test and fuel pump flow test
  • MV 5 Maximum Strength Fuel System Cleaner and Engine DeCarbonizer

The unique adapters make it easy to hook up to the vehicle's fuel rail, saving time and money.  An easy to use online application guide provides visual, step by step instructions on how to attach to thousands of vehicles quickly and easily.  Cleaning process includes injectors and intake valves utilizing the exclusive Hydrobond Technology.