MotorVac (MTT4000050)

Carbon Clean MV-5 Fuel System Cleaner
Mfg: MotorVac
Part No: 400-0050
Item Number: MTT4000050
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $18.50
Price: $11.18

Features and Benefits:

  • Maximum strength Fuel System Cleaner and Engine Decarbonizer
  • Features HydroBond technology, allowing for a clean burn
  • Unique chemistry effectively lifts carbon residue from intake valves
  • Formula rapidly breaks down and burns carbon deposits
  • Works with Carbon Clean 1000 Fuel System Machine

Super concentrated detergent package rapidly cleans fuel system including injectors and intake valves.  Exclusive Hydrobond Technology uses proprietary chemistry to "steam clean" combustion chamber deposits.  This clean burn technology revitalizes performance and restores fuel economy.