3M 3in hook it pad

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Features and Benefits:

  • Dust extraction HookitT back up pad (clean sanding) is constructed on foam material
  • Hookit disc pad enables easy sanding disc change-out, maximizing disc life
  • Firm foam design provides yield for consistent grit application
  • Adapters allow operators to attach the pad to a variety of tools, expanding the range of discs and sanding equipment
  • Back up pad itself has a 5/16-24 internal thread
  • Back up pad itself has a 5/16-24 internal thread, and the kit includes 5 adapters that convert it to 1/4-20 external threads, 1/4-20 iInternal threads, 1/4-28 external threads, 5/16-24 external threads, or 6mm-1.0 external threads.

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