Mityvac (MITMVA5800)

ATF Refill Adapter Kit
Mfg: MityVac
Part No: MVA5800
Item Number: MITMVA5800
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $178.99
Price: $110.91
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Features and Benefits:

  • Adapters are chrome-plated for durability and resistance to dirt and rust
  • Designed to connect directly to and/or service OEM transmissions
  • Packed in convenient custom-molded case
  • Ten (10) custom ATF refill adapters to fit most manufacturer’s transmissions

Includes: MVA580 Ford ATF Refill Adapter; MVA581 Toyota ATF Refill Adapter; MVA582 Angled Refill Adapter; MVA583 VW Angled ATF Refill Adapter, Short; MVA584 VW Angled ATF Refill Adapter, Long; MVA585 VW ATF Refill Adapter; MVA586 VW/Audi ATF Refill Adapter, DSG; MVA587 Audi ATF Refill Adapter, CVT; MVA588 Mercedes ATF Refill Adapter; MVA589 Volvo ATF Refill Adapter.