Milton (MIL1194)

0-160 1/4 NP Air Gauge
0-160 1/4 NP Air Gauge
Mfg: Milton
Part No: 1194
Item Number: MIL1194
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $16.09
Price: $10.73
    Milton high quality dry gages for reliable service with compressors, filters-regulators-lubricators, air lines, pneumatic tools & equipment.

    Resistant to heat, corrosion, water, salt water, and oil
    Can be used in steam applications if less than 120 F
    Brass mechanism. ABS case. Polycarbonate lens
    Maximum working pressure: Should be limited to 75% of dial range
    Maximum working temperature: -13 F to +120 F

    Bottom back
    2" face
    0-160 PSI