Midtronics (MDTPSC550SKIT)

PSC Series Power Supply Chargers / Maintainers
Mfg: Midtronics
Part No: PSC550SKIT
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Features and Benefits:

PSC Power Supply Chargers provide clean, reliable power for charging and maintaining battery state-of-charge during service reflash, complex maintenance, or on the showroom floor where vehicle demonstrations require significant power from the battery.

When operating as a power supply, the PSC converts 120 volt AC line input into a virtually noise-free, nominal 13.6 volt DC output.

When operating as a battery charger, the PSC delivers current up to the rated value for charging any 12 volt lead-acid battery in which voltage is depressed due to a discharge event.

PSC senses when the battery is fully charged, and tapers current to operate as a regulated power supply to sustain any accessory loads or offset any parasitic drain.

  • Advanced switch-mode design
  • Provides a cleaner, more reliable power source than using astandard charge
  • Fully-regulated DC output prevents overcharging of the battery and provides precise control to maintain the necessary battery voltage during complex service and reflash
  • Multiple protection features for a long, trouble-free life:
    • Reverse battery polarity protection via replaceable fuses
    • Brownout input protection
    • Over-current protection; cycle-by-cycle peak limiting and rated current-limiting to maximize the life of the converter
    • Over-temperature protection
  • Quiet, small, and compact for portability
  • Commercial design and heavy-duty internal components ensure years of continuous use
  • Unique proportional fan control circuit
    • Sets the fan speed directly proportional to the converter's internal temperature
    • Enables the fan to turn on and off very slowly, minimizing unwanted fan starting noise
  • Replaceable cables for easy in-field service
  • Protective carrying case for storage or during use
  • Specifications:
    • Output voltage tolerance: + or - .7% (no load)
    • Output voltage: approx. >13.4 VDC (full load)
    • Ripple and noise: <50 mV rms
    • Typical efficiency: >80%
    • Line regulation: 100 mV rms
    • Load regulation : <1.5%
    • Working temperature range: 0-40??C
    • Thermal protection
    • Power Supply Voltage Regulation: 13.6 V
    • Maximum Amps Output at Regulated Voltage: 55 A
    • On/Off Switch: Yes, with Power LED Indicator
    • Removable Cable Set: 6' Clamp Set
    • Case: Soft Protective Carrying Case