Midtronics (MDTPBT200)

PBT 200 Advanced Battery Conductance/Electrical System Tester
Automotive Battery Conductance/Electrical System Analyzer
Mfg: Midtronics
Part No: PBT200
Item Number: MDTPBT200
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MSRP: $339.99
Price: $199.98
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Features and Benefits:

The Midtronics® PBT-200 series makes it affordable for anyone to experience the advantages of conductance testing: a safe, fast, simple, and portable tester that improves productivity and accuracy.

Automotive OEM dealers and service organizations around the world choose the Midtronics PBT-200 professional battery tester for its proven conductance technology and test algorithms.

Technicians can accurately and quickly test batteries, even when discharged. The portable unit is activated by simply connecting clamps to the battery, setting the rating and pressing the test button. In seconds, an accurate test decision is achieved and displayed as an easy to understand red, yellow or green LED result.

  • Measurement range from 200-850 CCA
  • Accurate battery test decision in seconds
  • No user interpretation required
  • Voltmeter mode for testing both the starter and the charging system
  • Economical price
  • Shows available power in CCAs at the end of each test
  • Bad cell detection
  • High/low voltage capture for improved starter/charging system testing
  • Conductance Technology Advantages - Midtronics® offers the conductance testing advantages that make testing simple, safe, and fast
  • Proven Test Algorithms - Midtronics conductance testers are required for warranty testing at automotive dealers around the world
  • Testing Discharged Batteries - Get a fast and accurate test decision in seconds without heat, sparks, or user interpretation
  • Proven Reliability and Durability - Midtronics® has been providing a better way to test batteries in the automotive industry for over 20 years