Midtronics (MDTMDX640)

Battery Conductance Analyzer
Digital Battery Analyzer for 6V & 12V Batteries
Mfg: Midtronics
Part No: MDX-640
Item Number: MDTMDX640
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MSRP: $604.23
Price: $379.00
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Features and Benefits:

Digital Battery Analyzer for 6 and 12 Volt Batteries.

Introducing the MDX-600 series from Midtronics, worldwide leader in battery and electrical diagnostics. The new MDX-600 series combines over 20 years of experience and innovation gained from selling essential tools to nearly every car and truck OEM in the world, with the industry standard conductance technology for battery testing, which makes testing safe, fast, and simple. Battery conductance analyzer includes: MDX-600 series analyzer, MDX-640 software installed), manual, stud adapters, and 4 cable set. Print results with the optional IR printer (sold separately).

  • Tests 6 and 12 volt Flooded, AGM Flat Plate, AGM Spiral, and Gel Batteries 
  • Vehicle applications for automotive, motorcycle, marine cranking, lawn and garden, Group 31, and commercial 4D/8D batteries 
  • Tests Battery in or out of the vehicle 
  • Field replaceable 4’ leads 
  • Large back-lit display keeps operation simple for all level of users
  • Includes:
    • Battery Test Method: Electronic
    • Battery Types Tested: Conventional / AGM
    • Cold Crank AMP (CCA) Rating: 100-2000
    • AMP Rating: NAV
    • Depth: 7.7"
    • Width: 3.9"
    • Height: 2.4"
    • Printer Availability: Printer Optional
    • Display: Digital