Midtronics (MIDEXP1000HD)

HD Tester Kit
Mfg: Midtronics
Part No: EXP-1000HD
Item Number: MIDEXP1000HD
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MSRP: $1,954.99
Price: $1,149.98
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  • The EXP-1000HD from Midtronics was created specifically for the heavy-duty commercial/fleet market. Using new Dynamic Conductance Battery Testing Technology, and designed for maximum flexibility, this analyzer will quickly become your electrical diagnostic tool of choice.
  • Specific features for commercial/fleet maintenance include battery pack testing, multiple battery routines for up to 6 batteries, special commercial battery algorithms, and application specific test parameters for system and cable drop testing.
  • Designed For HD/Commercial Fleet Market
  • Battery Pack Testing
  • Multiple battery routine: from 1 to 6 batteries
  • Special Algorithms For 4D/8D/Group 31 Batteries
  • Truck/Automotive Application Specific Parameters
  • Cable Drop Testing Compensation
  • Program Management Tools
  • User ID System
  • DMM Functionality
  • Advanced Electrical System Diagnostics
  • Enhanced Communications Capabilities
  • Superior User Interface
  • Expandable Platform