Meguiars (MEGM8232)

Body Shop Professional Swirl Free Polish - 32oz.
Swirl Free Polish 32 oz.
Mfg: Meguiars
Part No: M8232
Item Number: MEGM8232
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $37.86
Price: $17.22
Features and Benefits:
  • No matter how you choose to apply it, Meguiar’s Speed Glaze is a shortcut that cleans, polishes and protects in one simple step
  • High performance polish eliminates swirl marks and removes fine scratches
  • Enriches gloss and color with machine or hand application
  • Speed Glaze is safe and effective on any kind of paint finish, including clear coats
  • Made for professionals
This Swirl Free Polish restores the glistening as if it were a "New Paint" shine! With its smooth fast application wipe on/wipe off, it's easier and saves time. You will quickly remove light scratches, stains and environmental contaminants.  Also ensures that a deep, beautiful shine is just minutes away!