Meguiars (MEGG10307)

7oz. Scratch-X(Tube)
ScratchX® 2.0 Fine Scratch and Blemish Remover - 7 oz.
Mfg: Meguiars
Part No: G10307
Item Number: MEGG10307
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $13.71
Price: $9.39

Features and Benefits:

  • The most effective way to safely remove fine scratches and swirls, now by hand or with a dual action polisher
  • Uses diminishing abrasive™ technology to safely and effectively remove fine scratches, swirls, and oxidation

As you work ScratchX® 2.0 into the surface of your vehicle, the abrasives diminish and your paint surface is polished to reveal brilliant color and clarity. Clear coat safe, ScratchX® 2.0 will not create new scratches and will not simply "cover" fine scratches as most conventional products do.