Mechanics Time Savers (MTS683)

Neon Yellow Wrench Holder   10-19mm
Neon Yellow Wrench Holder 10-19mm
Mfg: Mechanics Time Savers
Part No: 683
Item Number: MTS683
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $21.99
Price: $11.84

10-Piece Wrench Organizer

Features and Benefits:

  • The 10-piece wrench organizer was designed to hang on the side of a tool box or work tray to provide easy accessibility to your combination wrenches.
  • Mix and match your tools in this holder to best serve your particular needs.
  • Organizer accommodates 3/8 thru 15/16 SAE and/or 10 thru 19 mm.
  • Neon Yellow