Mayhew Tools (MAY45046)

Catspaw Lighted Flex Claw Tool
Catspaw Lighted Flex Claw Tool
Mfg: Mayhew Tools
Part No: 45046
Item Number: MAY45046
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $25.89
Price: $13.92

Features and Benefits:  

  • 22" Flexible shaft to maneuver in difficult spaces
  • Four strong claws for grabbing 
  • LED light to illuminate dark areas 
  • Uses replacement batteries #45055

The Catspaw lighted flex claw tool allows you to reach and retrieve items in confined, dark areas. The only claw pick-up tool on the market with an LED bulb built in to the claw itself! To activate the light, simply press on the plunger that extends the claw for pick up, the light comes on automatically! Never lose that nut or screw down a grate or even a sock behind the dryer again!