Mayhew Tools (MAY22003)

Full Finish Line Up Punch 1/4in. x 5/8in.
Full Finish Line Up Punch 1/4" x 5/8"
Mfg: Mayhew Tools
Part No: 22003
Item Number: MAY22003
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $15.02
Price: $8.85
Features and Benefits:
  • Ideal for aligning holes in metal pieces through which rivets, pins or bolts are inserted
  • Overall Length: 12"
  • Point size: 1/4"
  • Full finish
  • Made in the USA
This punch is shaped like a thin rod, used to make sure holes line up when assembling two or more components. Especially used on items which may move to one side before the other side can be aligned or another component installed or when the gasket is likely to slip out of place.