Mastercool (MAS91580A)

1.5 cfm Portable Vacuum and Electronic Charging Station
Mfg: Mastercool
Part No: 91580A
Item Number: MAS91580A
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MSRP: $1,161.10
Price: $650.99
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Features and Benefits

  • 1.5cfm 2 stage deep micron, rotary vane vacuum pump
  • 240 lb. capacity scale with long lasting 9V battery (40 hours)
  • Extruded aluminum manifold set with 2-1/2" gauges, hoses and manual couplers
  • A rugged, lightweight steel cart with wheels and convenient storage pocket for scale and hoses allows this portable charging station to be taken almost anywhere
  • Complete vacuum and charging station

Complete vacuum and charging station with 1.5cfm deep two stage vacuum pump, rugged charging scale and aluminum block gauge set with hoses and manual couplers on heavy duty, lightweight, durable steel frame rolling cart. No need for different sized charging cylinders with Mastercool's rugged die cast electronic scale.  Simply place the refrigerant cylinder on the scale and charge.