Mastercool (MAS69134A)

R134A Refrigerant Identifier
Mfg: Mastercool
Part No: 69134-A
Item Number: MAS69134A
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $1,354.99
Price: $559.94
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Features and Benefits:

The Refrigerant Identifier helps confirm the presence and quality of R134a refrigerant in vehicle air conditioning systems. This unit delivers quick and precise refrigerant analysis in a rugged, compact and portable package. The Refrigerant Identifier automatically provides step-by-step indication of the gas sampling process and helps avoid potential damage from refrigerant contamination.

  • Keeps Equipment Safe
  • Prevents Contamination
  • Detects Air Contamination
  • Specifications:
    • Weight: 0.8 kg
    • Refrigerant Detected: R134a (Tetraflouroethane)
    • Accuracy: PASS/FAIL – 95% Pure R134a
    • Power Requirements: 12 VDC
    • User Interface: Membrane type with visual indicators and function key
    • Calibration Method: Manual pump aspirator
    • Minimum Input Pressure: 1.38 Bar (20 Psig)
    • Maximum Input Pressure: 20.70 Bar (300 Psig)
    • Storage Temperature: -10° to 50° C
    • Operating Temperature: 10° to 45° C