Mini Maglite LED 2-Cell AA (Black)
Mini Maglite LED 2-Cell AA (Black)
Mfg: MagLITE
Part No: SP2201H
Item Number: MAGSP2201H
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $37.05
Price: $23.33

Features and Benefits:

The New Mini Maglite LED is crafted after the legendary Mini Maglite flashlight, an icon of classic American design, famous around the world. Built tough enough to last a lifetime, its durability and patented features are now available with the new MAG- LED Technology. These technologically advanced lighting instruments are the ideal personal falshlights.

  • Projecting Beam focuses simply by rotating the head
  • Balanced Optics provide a focusing, 3 watt led, optimized to produce a powerful beam
  • Intelligent Energy Source Management - balancing optium high brightness with extended battery life (patent pending).
  • Candle Mode - unscrew flashlight head, place head down on stable flat surface and set flashlight barrel into head.