Lord Fusor (FUS114LG)

Plastic Finishing Adhesive (Fast), 10.1oz.
Mfg: Lord Fusor
Part No: 114LG
Item Number: FUS114LG
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $89.39
Price: $52.34
  • LORD Fusor® 114/114LG plastic finishing adhesive is designed for repair of surface imperfections, scratches and gouges on all plastic bumpers and body panels, including such plastics as PP, fiberglass, Metton®, Telene®, SMC, TEO and urethane.
  • No plastic identification is required
  • No adhesion promoters needed
  • Sands to a perfect feather edge in 20 minutes or less
  • Hand dispensed — No tips or gun required
  • Fusor 114LG can be used with a mixing tip to ensure a proper mix or to add additional seconds of work time