Lisle (LIS60660)

Deluxe Relay Test Set
Mfg: Lisle
Part No: 60660
Item Number: LIS60660
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $252.99
Price: $116.59
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  • Includes 8 Jumpers to Fit Most Popular Relays. Also Includes Test Lead Kit and Relay Puller Pliers.
  • Jumpers have tabs for clamping and flat pads to place test leads on. No need to pierce wires or connect multiple jumper wires. Also Includes Test Lead Kit for easily and securely connecting Relay Test Jumpers to a multimeter. Jumper wire may be used between common and open to close the relay circuit for testing and has a test port to easily check voltage. Also provides access for a clamp-on amp meter. Relay Puller Pliers easily remove electrical relays without damage to the relay or electrical box.