Lisle (LIS49200)

Convertable Internal/External Snap Ring Pliers
Convertable Internal/External Snap Ring Pliers
Mfg: Lisle
Part No: 49200
Item Number: LIS49200
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $45.94
Price: $24.03
Features and Benefits:
  • Ten tip sets in a handy plastic pouch are included to fit a wide range of snap ring sizes
  • Tips are easily interchanged by turning a set screw
  • Wrench included in a skin pack
The heavy duty plier construction and larger tips are designed for larger snap rings.  The tool quickly converts from internal to external use by pivoting the handles.  Tough tool easily compresses internal rings and expands external rings. Conical tip ends prevent the snap ring from slipping off the tips.