Lisle (LIS41400)

Stepped Pickle Fork Kit
Stepped Pickle Fork Kit
Mfg: Lisle
Part No: 41400
Item Number: LIS41400
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $84.53
Price: $39.78

Features and Benefits:

  • Step design keeps tool from bouncing back when separating ball joints, steering dampeners, tie rods, pitman arms and other applications
  • Six tools in one -- three forks and two handles
  • Forks are threaded to interchange with either handle
  • Forks are heavy-duty forgings; handles are heat-treated, alloy steel
  • Steps can be resharpened if needed

 Kit includes one handle for hammering and one for use with an air hammer (.401” shank).

 Sizes of forks: 1-1/8" Stepped Fork, 11/16" Stepped Fork and 15/16" Stepped Fork.