Lisle (LIS27000)

Sneak Pete - Rear Main Seal Remover/Installer Kit
Sneaky Pete Oil Seal Remover/Installer
Mfg: Lisle
Part No: 27000
Item Number: LIS27000
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $11.85
Price: $8.07

    Sneaky Pete

    Removes and installs upper rear main seals without dropping crankshaft.

    The Lisle 27000 includes everything needed to speed up a long, slow job. Cork screw puller makes it easy to remove old seal.

    To install new seal, 27000 includes a pulling wire with a removable T-handle and spring steel clip that grips the seal firmly as it is pulled into position. Two extra clips are furnished. Saves many times its cost every time it is used. Skin-packed. Shipping wt. 2 oz.