Lisle (LIS22500)

Thermostat Gasket Cleaner
Extended Thermostat Gasket Remover
Mfg: Lisle
Part No: 22500
Item Number: LIS22500
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $27.17
Price: $15.00
Features and Benefits:
  • This tool cleans all hard to reach gasket surfaces
  • One of the primary uses would be to clean the thermostat gasket in Dodge trucks
  • Able to reach isolated locations the are very difficult to access by conventional means
  • Use the tool with a die grinder to quickly clean off the gasket surface
  • It also works for cleaning up oil pans, water pumps and other inaccessible applications
  • The abrasive pads are replaceable
  • The tool is quipped with a floating guide shaft so the operator can easily steer the abrasive pad around the gasket surface