Lincoln Lubrication (LIN6917)

6917 Air-Operated Portable Grease Pump Package
Air-Operated Portable Grease Pump Package
Mfg: Lincoln Lubrication
Part No: 6917
Item Number: LIN6917
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $1,324.99
Price: $611.86
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Features and Benefits:

Developed for light and heavy vehicles, as well as agricultural and construction equipment, this heavy-duty, double-acting pump delivers the same volume and pressure as more expensive pumps, but at an affordable price. Featuring Lincolns proven 50:1 double-acting grease pump, the package includes a grease control valve and universal swivel to improve access to hard-to-reach fittings. In addition, its four-wheel band dolly maneuvers easily around the shop. A standard metal follower plate with a flexible wiper edge cleans the 120-pound drum and helps prime the pump for efficient use of available grease. The LIN6917 is easy to use and operates quietly, improving the shop environment.

  • 2 1/2", 50:1, air-operated double acting grease pump
  • Lube the hard-to-reach fittings with the heavy-duty control valve and universal swivel
  • Standard follower wipes 120 lb. drum sides clean and keeps the drum primed
  • Four-wheel dolly maneuvers easily around the shop
  • Specifications:
    • Ratio: 50:1
    • Maximum Pressure: 7500 psi
    • Output/Min Free Delivery: 80 cubic in
    • Base: band dolly
    • Grease Hose: 7' heavy duty
    • Control Valve: heavy duty
    • Swivel: heavy duty
    • Follower: standard follower
    • Add Longer Grease Hose?: yes
    • Add Hose Reel?: yes
  • Includes:
    • High Pressure 50:1 Pneumatic Pump
    • High Pressure Grease Control Valve
    • Universal Swivel, Coupler, 7' hose
    • Drum Cover
    • Flexible Follower Plate
    • Band Dolly with Wheels