Lincoln Lubrication (LIN3637)

25 Gallon Used Fluid Evacuator
Mfg: Lincoln Lubrication
Part No: 3637
Item Number: LIN3637
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $695.24
Price: $380.99
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Features and Benefits:

Application: evacuation of automotive fluid reservoirs including motor oil and transmission fluid directly through the dipstick tube.

  • Powerful compressed-air-operated venturi vacuum quickly draws fluids from reservoirs
  • Includes six evacuation wands of varying flexibility, diameter and length
  • 25-gallon (95-liter) welded steel tank supported by heavy-duty 4" (100mm) swivel casters and 6” (150mm)  fixed-axle wheels
  • Convenient tool tray for storing vital tools and drain plugs
  • Tank-mounted clip and handle hook to secure discharge hose and evacuation hose
  • Pressurized self-evacuation feature requires only shop-air and a tire chuck to discharge fluids
  • 1 yr manufacturer's warranty on material and workmanship