Lincoln Lubrication (LIN1387)

Premium 3-Vane Rotary Fuel Pump with Hose
Mfg: Lincoln Lubrication
Part No: 1387
Item Number: LIN1387
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $337.99
Price: $195.89
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Features and Benefits:

  • Internal-check prevents drain-back assures immediate restart
  • Self Priming / Outstanding vacuum. 10 Gal/Min at 120 RPM low viscous, 7 Gal/Min at 80 RPM Oil
  • Graphite Three-Vane Design for exceptionally smooth fluid flow for no-splash
  • High-tolerance micro-finished bore and vanes provide outstanding pump life
  • Fully serviceable.  FM APPROVED

Applications: Agriculture, Heavy Equipment, Construction, Trucking/Transport, Automotive, Industrial

Fluid Types: Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene, Coolant, Non-Corrosive materials, Medium viscosity petroleum based fluids, hydraulic oils, ATF


  • Flame Arrestor and Anti-Siphoning Vacuum Break
  • Heavy-duty 8’ x 3/4” anti-static hose with non-sparking aluminum nozzle with hanger
  • Seal-Tight telescoping pick-up tube with strainer for 16-55 gallon drums with 2” bung
  • H.D. Graphic package