Lincoln Lubrication (LNC1242)

Power-Luber 12V Grease Gun Kit
12 Volt DC Cordless Grease Gun with Case Charger
Mfg: Lincoln Lubrication
Part No: 1242
Item Number: LNC1242
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MSRP: $285.65
Price: $149.98
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The Lincoln PowerLuber® 12 Volt Cordless Rechargeable Grease Gun remains one of the most advanced grease guns ever created. Its powerful 12 volt motor delivers a consistent grease flow at up to 6000 psi for faster, more effective lubrication than manual methods. Its fully rechargeable power pack gives you unrestricted mobility.

PowerLubers balanced design makes lubing hard-to-reach fittings routine. And when youve got a lot of fittings to hit, the rechargeable 12 volt battery provides long-lasting performance. Three-way loading makes refilling a snap. There are three PowerLuber models, with a full range of accessories, designed to meet the demands of any lube applicationfrom the professional mechanic to the do-it-yourselfer.

PowerLuber® 12 Volt Cordless Rechargeable Grease Gun Features and Benefits

  • Powerful 12 volt motor
  • Planetary gear drive
  • High-capacity 12 volt NiCad battery
  • Machined and hardened piston
  • 2" final drive needle bearings
  • Plated steel barrel with exclusive flip-over follower
  • Locking follower rod
  • Accessible check valve
  • Bleeder valve
  • Outlet opening 7/16" UNEF
  • Threaded opening (1/8" NPT) for filler nipple (filler nipple not included)


  • 110 volt fast charger
  • One 12 volt NiCad rechargeable battery
  • 30" flex hose with spring guard
  • Custom carrying case designed to hold optional rechargeable battery and two optional grease cartridges (grease not included)
  • Patent pending