Lincoln Electric Welders (LEWK1297)

AC/DC 225/125 60HZ Arc Welder
AC/DC 225/125 60HZ Arc Welder
Mfg: Lincoln Electric Welders
Part No: K1297
Item Number: LEWK1297
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MSRP: $1,294.29
Price: $679.00
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Features and Benefits

The AC/DC 225/125 is an arc welding power source with an AC welding output range of 40-225 amps and a DC welding output range of 30-125 amps. It is an extremely useful stick welding power source for maintenance repair, fabrication, construction, erecting and hardfacing applications. Also for cutting and piercing holes in steel.   Smooth arc makes it easy to weld with different electrodes, including mild steel, low hydrogen, stainless steel and hardfacing electrodes.  Use the electrode polarity switch on the front of the machine to select a DC welding arc where a stable arc is essential.  Select an AC welding arc for large diameter general purposes electrodes for welding heavier plate where higher deposition rates and travel speeds are desired. 

  • AC welding output range of 40-225 amps and a DC welding output range of 30-125 amps
  • Easy to install. Comes with attached input power cable and plug.
  • Easy to operate with front mounted AC/DC polarity switch and full range amperage selector switch for accurate and dependable procedure setting
  • Traditional design provides long-life and low cost operation
  • Compact size allows for easy storage and handling
  • Specifications:
    • Input power: 230/1/60
    • Rated output current/Voltage/Duty Cycle AC: 225A/25V/20%/79OCV; DC: 125A/25V/20%/73 OCV
    • Input current @ rated output: AC:50; DC:36
    • Output range: 40-225 Amps AC; 30-125 Amps DC
    • Dimensions: 24" x 17.25" x 12"
    • Net weight: 129 lbs.
  • Includes:
    • Insulated electrode holder and cable
    • Heavy duty work clamp and cable
    • Helpful Welder’s Guide
    • Input cable with attached plug

California Proposition 65

    WARNING: This product, when used for welding or cutting, produces fumes or gases which contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects and, in some cases, cancer. (California Health & Safety Code §25249.5 et seq.) WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –