like90 (LIK10019)

Like90 Booth Coating, 5 Gallon
Mfg: like90
Part No: 10019
Item Number: LIK10019
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MSRP: $538.73
Price: $298.99
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  • Non-tacky, clear dry film: Preserves booth lighting conditions for uniform paintwork. Covers lights and other booth fixtures. Dry film won’t yellow with age.
  • Solvent resistant: Prevents overspray build-up on booth surfaces, reducing maintenance costs and minimizing booth down-time.
  • Spray-on liquid: Fast, easy application with conventional spray equipment already in use.
  • Thixotropic “one-coat” formula: Clings to vertical surfaces and eliminates the requirement to apply multiple coats. Minimizes drips and runs making removal fast and easy.
  • Water-soluble: Fast, easy wash removal with water, even after 150 bake cycles!
  • Removal by peeling: With 2-coat application, large sections can be removed by peeling from glass and smooth, texture-free surfaces. (NOTE: May not be practical in all paint booths.)
  • Water-based, low VOC: Non-hazardous, environmentally friendly formula that is safe to sewer after removal