like90 (LIK10003)

Like90 Spray Mask, Gallon
Mfg: like90
Part No: 10003
Item Number: LIK10003
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $71.63
Price: $35.55
  • Benefits:
  • Dries to clear, non-tacky film: Tightly seals vehicle against overspray damage providing protection superior to plastic sheeting.
  • Traps dust and dirt on vehicle so that it does not become airborne during painting.
  • Unlike plastic sheeting, any dirt or dust that collects on the dry film can be easily wiped off with a tack rag.
  • Also protects against welding sparks (e.g. burn marks on glass), grinding slag, and polishing compound residue.
  • Thixotropic formula: Clings to vertical surfaces to reduce runs and drips during application making removal much faster and easier.
  • Superior wet-out: Forms a continuous, protective film over difficult-to-coat surfaces such as fresh wax.
  • Water-soluble dry film: Washes off easily with water._ No disposal costs or waste volume._Effluent is biodegradable and does not consume landfill space like plastic sheeting.
  • Water-based, low VOC: Non-hazardous and environmentally friendly formula.
  • Spray-on liquid: Fast, easy application by one person with conventio