KnKut (KNKKK719)

#19 Stub Lgth. DRILL BIT
#19 Screw Machine Length Drill Bit
Mfg: KnKut
Part No: KK7-19
Item Number: KNKKK719
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MSRP: $5.82
Price: $3.07

Features and Benefits:

  • No Center Punch or Pilot Hole Required
  • 135 degree split point
  • Will not walk or skid across material
  • Faster penetration
  • Rounder, more accurate holes

KnKut Screw Machine Length Drills out perform high speed drills and even cobalt drills in many applications!

KnKut Drills are manufactured from a special Hi- Molybdenum High Speed Steel (HSS). Gold surface treated body and clearance for maximum lubricity. Heavy duty construction, 135 degree split point, no center punch needed - will not walk.
Recommended for work hardening grades of stainless steel and other hard metal drilling applications.