Ken-tool (KEN36016)

Easy-Lift Bead Seating Stand, Standard Crown for 8-3/4in Diameter hubs
Easy-Lift Bead Seating Stand, Standard Crown for 8-3/4" Diameter hubs
Mfg: Ken-tool
Part No: 36016
Item Number: KEN36016
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Price: $330.99
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    Ergonomic: Reduces Back Strain While Handling 22.5 Tire & Wheel Assemblies Aligns beads concentrically on wheel for improved ride and longer tire life. After mounting a tire onto a 22.5 wheel, the technician rolls the tire and wheel assembly to the front of the stand. Then he pushes the assembly towards the crown on the stand so that gravity takes over to make the center of the wheel fall onto the crown. Once the assembly contacts the crown, it automatically falls into a horizontal position, and gravity then causes the bottom bead of the tire to align concentrically with the bottom bead flange of the wheel.