Ken-tool (KEN35453)

Serpent 4 Pc. Tire Changing Set
Serpent 4 Pc. Tire Changing Set
Mfg: Ken-tool
Part No: 35453
Item Number: KEN35453
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MSRP: $374.85
Price: $223.47
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    Take the struggle out of mounting and demounting truck tires.Everything you need to change tires easily and effortlessly. The T2001 (35449) Demount Tool demounts both beads on most truck tires without the need for lifting the tire/wheel assembly off the ground, and then dropping it. The T2002 (35450) Mount Tool designed to stop against the wheel, and then remove itelsef effortlessly from between the rim and bead. Set includes the 31710 Bead Holding Device and 31810 Leather Wheel Protector.