GearWrench (KD 2521)

Fuel Pump Vacuum and Pressure Tester
Fuel Pump Vacuum & Pressure Tester
Mfg: GearWrench
Part No: 2521
Item Number: KD 2521
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MSRP: $36.04
Price: $21.10
Features and Benefits:
  • Tests for fuel line pressure and vacuum leaks
  • Check for leaky valves, timing, fuel pump vacuum and pressure, and gas line leakage
  • Easy-to-read gauge with 3ft. hose and vacuum hose adapter fitting
  • Gauge measures vacuum from 0 to 28" Hg in 1" increments (0 to 700mm Hg in 50mm increments)
  • Measures pressure from 0 to 15 psi in 1/2 psi increments (0-1 Kg/cm2 in .1 Kg/cm2 increments)
It's very important that your engine is free of leaks!  With this fuel pump vacuum and pressure tester it allows you to check for pressure and vacuum leaks.  It's handy and made for everyday use!