GearWrench (KD 2290)

Slide Hammer Dent Pulling Puller Set
Slide Hammer Dent Pulling Puller Set
Mfg: GearWrench
Part No: 2290
Item Number: KD 2290
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $63.49
Price: $31.46

    Body Dent Remover

    Tool pulls dented sheet metal back into place. To use, drill a hole in the deepest part of the dent, insert the hook or self-threading screw tip and tap lightly with the 2-1/2-lb slide hammer to remove the dent. A 13-long shaft enables high pulling force. Slide hammer has _-13 UNC thread.
    Replacement part: 2290-70 Hook and Screw Package
    Replacement part: 2290-76 Nose Nut