GearWrench (KD 124)

Remote Control Starter Switch
Remote Control Starter Switch
Mfg: GearWrench
Part No: 124
Item Number: KD 124
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $23.69
Price: $11.97

Features and Benefits:

  • Use to bypass ignition switch on any engine with solenoid starter switch
  • Lets you crank engine while working on engine compartment
  • 44" long leads. Heavy-Duty construction
  • Connect from positive terminal of battery to energizing terminal of solenoid
  • Use for generator, starter, and electrical tests, setting ignition points, fuel pump test, adjusting tappets and compression tests
Working under the hood alone and you need to crank over the engine while watching the engine can be an excise in futility, until you get this remote starter switch.  Connected to the starter solenoid, this switch allows you crank the engine without starting from a safe yet visible position nearby.